P5a Scottish Wars of Independence shields

This term, Primary 5a have been learning about the Scottish Wars of Independence as part of our Social Studies. We have compared the armour and equipment used by the Scottish soldiers and the English soldiers.

As part of our Expressive Arts curriculum we have designed and created our own shields using a range of materials. We will use our finished products as props in an improvised dramatization of the Battle of Bannockburn.




P5a Life Cycle of a Plant

This term Primary 5a have been learning about the life cycle of plants. We have investigated how a plant reproduces through pollination. In class we identified and labelled the reproductive parts of a plant; the anther, style, stigma, filament and ovary, discussing the role of each.

Since we have had beautiful weather this week, we decided to visit the Chestnut Garden and combine the subject areas of Science and Art to create detailed line drawings of different plants we could see. We paid special attention to the different parts involved in pollination.


P5a Healthy Snack

As part of our Health and Wellbeing studies, we have been looking at the Healthy Eating Plate and discussing ways in which we can keep our body healthy.

We decided as a whole class to create our own healthy snack recipe using ingredients from the Healthy Eating Plate. We used fresh fruit, honey, natural yoghurt and some ice to make a delicious and nutritious Fruit Slushie!

P5a Chinese New Year

Primary 5a have been learning Mandarin as part of our Modern Language studies. We have been practising some basic greetings and conversation as well as learning more about the Chinese culture.

In order to celebrate Chinese New Year, Primary 5a created some Chinese Dragon symbols using craft materials.

Our Mandarin teacher was very impressed with our knowledge and understanding of the Chinese New Year celebrations!                                  

Animal Communication Research

Today Primary 5a have been using ICT to support our research about how animals communicate. We are finding out how different animals use sound and vibration waves in order to exchange important information or warnings to one another.

Over the next three weeks we will;

  • Take independent notes
  • Produce labelled diagrams and illustrations
  • Create a PowerPoint
  • Present our findings

Circle Time

As part of our Health and Wellbeing input, Primary 5a have been learning to recognise and express our emotions.

Today we shared some of the things which might make us feel worried. We are starting to understand that more is expected of us in school, in our friendship groups and at home.

We all demonstrated care,   trust and respect for one another during discussion time.

Science Presentations

Primary 5a have worked very hard to produce an information poster all about an animal of their choice. Today the boys and girls put their talking and listening skills to the test by presenting their work to the rest of the class. Everyone did a fantastic job and should be very proud of themselves. Well done p5a!

Take a look at some of our posters and presentations in action…