P7b – Possession Games

P7b have been taking part in possession game in PE.  So far they have been working on their skills in basketball and hockey.

They have been learning to

  • make decisions about the skills they are learning and use them in cooperative and competitive games​
  •  make changes to suit ability by changing; ​equipment / rules
  •  transfer skills into a number of team games

Soluble vs Insoluble

P7b have been learning about substances which are soluble or insoluble.  We carried out experiments to test if certain solids would dissolve in water.  We kept the conditions and method the same to ensure a fair test.  Next we are going to look at variables which may affect the rate which a solid dissolves.

P5 Masterclasses

P5 had a great day taking part in 3 different masterclasses.

Chromebooks and VRs with Mrs Cumming – Pupils researched some of the world’s most famous volcanoes then travelled to various volcanoes around the world using the VR headsets.


Cooking with Mrs Kennedy – Primary 5 prepared a summer couscous salad as part of our health and wellbeing topic.  Primary 5 are always happy to make good food  choices and understand the benefits of vegetables in their diet.  We look forward to summer barbecues  with our families and the opportunity to showcase these new cooking skills.

K’nex with Mr McCrea – Pupils took part in a K’nex challenge to build a free-standing tower, 30 cm – 60 cm tall, with a revolving restaurant at the top. The children demonstrated some fantastic teamwork and problem-solving skills, coming up with a great variety of designs to meet the specifications.


Art Lesson with Miss McCann – Primary 5 used contrasting colours to create their flower pictures.



Kilauea Volcano

As part of our Topical Science we have been learning about The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.  We watched the news reports and researched different volcanoes around the world on the chromebooks.  We used the VR headsets to look inside some dormant volcanoes and also saw some volcanoes which were erupting.

“It was fun using the VRs rather than just looking up the pictures.”

“I thought the VR were fun because they were so realistic.”

“I thought using the VRs was good because you can look at it in a different way.”

Outdoor Learning – Angles

During our outdoor learning activity we were investigating angles.  We had to create the numerals 1-9 using sticks and then make each numeral have the same number of acute, obtuse or right angles as its numerical value.

“It was fun using sticks and getting our hands messy!”

“I found it quite hard.”

“I would like to do this again and next time use different materials”

“I found this activity fun as it was quite challenging.”