Shearing Sheep and Butter Churning

We had a busy afternoon today, shearing sheep and making our own butter!

We have been asking questions about the farm and where our food comes from.  So we investigated which foods come from Animals and which foods come from Plants.

Mrs James brought in a big bag of shopping and we had to help her sort it.  We decided that things like milk, cheese and meat come from animals and cereals and vegetables come from plants.  Then we made group posters showing our findings.

We worked our way around different activities about food and farming.

We also used cream with a little pinch of salt to make our own butter.  We had to work together and use all our strenghth to churn the butter by shaking the jars.



After a lot of hard work and effort from everyone, we looked inside the jars and the cream had thickened to make butter.  We drained it and here is the butter!

(Mrs James didn’t let us taste it as she was worried that she had put in too much salt.)

Last week we were learning about sheep and how we can get meat and wool from them.  Today we had the chance to try shearing a sheep.  Here are some photos of us shearing our mini sheep.