Toy Shop

Our Haunted House has been replaced by a Toy Shop!  We decided that we would like to find out more about toys and as we have been learning about money we thought it would work well to have a Toy Shop.  Here we are filling our shopping bags and paying for the toys that we would like to  buy and play with.

When we were discussing toys we thought of as many different kinds as we could.  Some of our ideas have arrived in stock in our shop.  For example: dolls, teddy bears, books, trains and lego.

However, we had a long debate about Squishies! We tried to work out what they were made of.  Some of us thought they were made of water, some thought sand.  We talked about how they pop back into shape even after we have squashed them!

So, this afternoon we made our own Squishies to sell in our Toy Shop.  We used balloons,

plastic bottles and plain flour.  We talked about the bottle being full, half full and empty! Check out our Squishies.

We worked together to make each squishie.  One person held the balloon onto the end of the bottle and the other squeezed the bottle so that the air and the flour would go into the balloon.

(If you have any toys at home that you no longer play with, feel free to bring them in to add to our shop.  We are still looking for boats, aeroplanes, robots and dinosaurs….all ideas that 1.4 came up with!)