Book Buddies

Primary 1 have paired up with our friends in Primary 7 for some reading fun!

On Fridays we can choose a book for our book buddy in Primary 7 to read to us. We discuss the title, the author and if the book is fiction or non-fiction.

Today Jared chose a non-fiction book – ‘I wonder why caterpillars eat so much’

We also get the chance to rate our chosen book and give reasons for our likes and dislikes.

Alex wanted Daniel to read ‘Sammy Spider’s first Rosh Hashana’ because she is excited for next week.



Isla enjoyed reading ‘The Frog Prince’ and says you should always be nice to someone to matter what they look like.


Once we have read the story, we take our book buddy to one of the areas in our class to complete an activity. Today we drew our favourite characters at the easel, acted out our story in the role play area and created model spaceships at the construction area!

We can’t wait until next week!

The Results of our Science Investigation!

Today is the day that we carried out our Humpty Dumpty materials experiment! After exploring and selecting  materials and making our predictions, we were ready.

Our first time in the Science Lab

We discovered that the hard pebbles cracked poor Humpty Dumpty!

Thank goodness for our springy bubble wrap, which provided a soft landing for Humpty!

Despite our feathers being so soft, poor Humpty cracked when he landed on them.

Our last material was our tin foil, which surprised a lot of us when it was a safe landing for Humpty!

Our next steps will be to compare our predictions and results. We really are budding scientists in Primary 1!