More Science week fun

The children went to Whitelees Windfarm yesterday and learned all about the wildlife and bog land in the windfarm and were given information about how the windmills work. They carried out experiments measuring the strength of the wind. I’m sure your child told you how windy it was! In the afternoon, we created our own windmill pictures using pastels and art straws. Sarah certainly captured the weather yesterday while Holly, Anna and Shekina preferred a nice warm image.

Science Fair

The children made posters to showcase their learning in science this year.  They chose a particular area of interest and made diagrams, wrote information and made the posters attractive and eye-catching.  Samantha and Tarun showcased their learning at the P1-3 Science Fair while the rest of the class spoke to P4 about their poster. Sarah had a group of fascinated children listening to her talk about separating mixtures!

Well done to P5 for all their fabulous work this week!

P5 Fun Run

The girls are ready for the Science Fun Run.

Gordon and Sarah are enjoying the Saturn hoops activity.


Inaya had a great time and came well prepared with a warm jacket and hat.


More budding authors

Well done to Molly and Samantha who have also submitted a 500 word story to the BBC Radio 2 competition.

Molly read us ‘The Lost Sock’ and Samantha read us ‘Ben the Bug Hater’.

We are so impressed!

Our little author


We are very excited to hear that Anna has submitted  a 500 word story to the BBC Radio 2 competition.

Good Luck Anna!

My blog by Alexis

Alexis brought a globe to school to show the class where Pakistan is.  She discussed her favourite book ‘I am Malala’.

“I recommend this book to girls because everyone should always stand up for their rights”. Alexis

Using our props for some drama

Euan read the ‘Levitate’ spell from his spell book while Dylan pointed his wand at Ryaan’s Wonka chocolate bar.  The plan was for the bar of chocolate to land on Mrs Duffy’s desk!

World Book Day 2019

Primary 5b brought in a prop to discuss from their favourite book

Head Teacher Awards

Well done to Anna and Ayaan who both received awards from Miss Edmonstone today!

Both children have been working very hard and we are extremely proud of them.

China homework

The children will soon learn Mandarin and in preparation of this, they have been learning about China.

The children of P5b were asked to create a fact file, poster or information leaflet about a special place of interest in China.  The children enjoyed presenting their work to the class.  The work is on the walls outside our classroom for all the other classes to read about as they pass by.