Fun Day In 🎈🍿🥤🥳

Primary 7 looked at different options on a fun day out and worked out all the costs involved. 💰 💴

There were lots of amazing ideas but after much deliberation we have decided to have a fun day in instead.  🎈

This will take place on Monday 9th December, where the children will be having a fun filled day in. 🥳

On this day the children are welcome to bring in comfy pyjamas or onesies to change into. They have chosen to build dens for their movie morning so are welcome to bring in blankets and pillows too. ⛺ 🥤 🍿

They will not need lunch on this day as we are ordering pizzas for lunch. 🍕

To round off the fun day, we have booked a DJ for the afternoon.  🎧 🎵

We are hoping to have some spare change to keep for another day and donate some money to charity.

Watch this space for photos. 🤗