Safina Mazhar

A huge thank you to the lovely Safina for visiting our classroom and inspiring us to read and write.

Lots of children were showing an interest in the books, these can be purchased directly from the author at a discounted rate if you would like to. She is selling them for £8 each or all three for £20.

Here is her direct email:

Author Visit

Primary 7 were very fortunate to be visited by a local author called SF Mazhar. She is the author of the Power of Four series and The Elementals. She gave us an insight on how she was inspired through her Fan Fiction writing online.

Primary 7a were lucky to have a writing workshop with her after break. We learnt how to structure a ‘Plot Arch’ and the beauty of ‘Show verus Tell’ in our writing.

‘We look forward to using this in our writing!’ Sophia.

Homework 18th March 2019

Homework  week beginning March 18th

Science Week Finale

To finish off Science week, we had a Science Fair.  Primary 6 were invited to our classrooms and they had the opportunity to interact with scientists from P7. Please have a look at our Twitter posts.

One of  the experiments involved going outdoors, where we put Mentos into a bottle of fizzy juice to see it’s reaction. We loved seeing the way the juice squirted out the bottle and shot straight up towards the sky.

Beat Box Decorating

We were lucky to have a parent helper from P7c today, the lovely Emma Love came into school to work her magic and help us complete our Beat Box design. We are very happy with the result!

Keep an eye out on Friday morning for it outside our school. Remember to take a selfie and share it with us.  

Drawing Circles

Today we were drawing circles of particular radius and diameter using compassses. We then made different patterns and calculated the circumference and area of the circles.

Primary 7a and Primary 1a Science Investigation

Today P7a and P1a worked together on a science investigation. We looked at the different types of beaks that birds have and investigated the speed at which they would use them.

We got a variety of seeds, beads and leaves to pick up with different utensils and we used a stopwatch to time it.

‘It was so much fun working with the P1s.’ Rebecca.

Beat the Street

Preparations are underway to dress the Beat Box outside our school in a spring theme.

Euan worked closely with Mrs Hussain to create a centre piece for our Beat the Street display.

The biggest challenge for us, is that the display needs to be waterproof to withstand the weather we have been exposed to recently. So we decided to use recycled plastic bottles to create flowers and insects.

Keep an eye out for the finished product!

British Science Week-Willow Challenge

To kick start British Science Week, P7 were given a STEM challenge to use the willow branches from the Eco garden and create structures of their own.

‘We created a teepee.’ Euan

‘We made the Lochness Monster.’ Marie-Liang

Homework 11th March

See the source image

Project: Primary 7 Science Fair – Please continue with your two-week science project. Due in on Friday 15th March. We can’t wait to set up our Science Fair!

East Renfrewshire Sumdog Competition – Please spend 10-15 minutes on this daily. Please make sure everyone plays this week. Good luck!

Beat the Street – Please bring in any plastic bottles and empty crisp packets for Thursday. Thank you!