Sky Academy

We went to a trip to Sky Academy in Livingston. We all had different jobs and used our skills to make an advert for a horror movie. We  were given the adverts we created on a memory pen to keep. Happy viewing!

Transitions Assembly

Primary 7 were visited by the deputy head teacher of Mearns Castle High School, Mr McGarry and 2 former S3 pupils. We heard all about what life will be like in S1 and we are now super excited!

Lochgoilhead Showcase

A huge thank you to our P7 parents for coming to our Lochgoilhead showcase. We hope you enjoyed hearing all about Sir John Muir and about our achievements at Lochgoilhead.

Friends and memories forever!

Numeracy Day

Showing off our numeracy skills!

Social Dancing

Primary 7 were doing social dancing in the sun today.We learned how to do the Gay Gordons with Mr Russell.

Homework 13th May

Homework week beginning May 13th

Looking forward to welcoming our families  on Wednesday afternoon for our Lochgoilhead Showcase.

Leavers Hoodies

We are over the moon with our P7 Leavers Hoodies!

Colourful Heritage Quiz winners

Today we had a visit from Shazia and Adeel from Colourful Heritage. Euan and Maisie were awarded prizes for their winning entries for the quiz they completed at the Community Days.

Our Residential Trip

Last week we went to our long awaited residential trip to Lochgoilhead.

It surpassed all expectations!  We had the time of our lives and made the most precious memories together.

We will share our experiences next week at the Lochgoilhead Showcase, looking forward to welcoming parents on Wednesday 15th May at 1.30pm.