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A whole school celebration of HWB @ Mearns Primary


Many schools organise whole school events to celebrate aspects of the curriculum like Eco Schools, Citizenship or HWB.  These are great ways to showcase all the great work that goes on in school, engage with parents and invite other members of the school community to share in community learning. 

I recently attended Mearns Primary’s HWB & Eco Event, with my recorder, and managed to catch some very busy staff and pupils to have a quick chat and get a sense of how they have embedded HWB into their learning; how they’ve motivated pupils to get involved in organising the event and how they’ve encouraged enterprising pupils to develop a wonderful project that raised money for the school.  

Listen for yourself

P6 pupils make and sell a fitness DVD 


PT Jo Macgregor on how to make the process as simple as possible http://soundcloud.com/pulse-healthy-radio/teacher-jo-macgregor-tells-us

Our good chum Barry Cook – more children, more active, more often! http://soundcloud.com/pulse-healthy-radio/barry-cook-promoting-health

Who Knew…? Well, Bradley did

Who knew hard work, passion, belief and determination could help us achieve great things.  Just ask Dave Brailsford and Bradley Wiggins from cycling’s Team Sky – the new Coach of the year and Sports Personality of the year!

Taken from the back of a Team Sky cycling jersey that I bought my husband for Xmas  – check this inspirational message out.  Share this with your young charges, it might help them go the extra mile.  I hope it turns my husband into Bradley Wiggins….