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HWB network

Our recent HWB network in September welcomed Education Scotland’s new Education Officer for the HWB Team, Janice Watson.  Janice talked us through using their new resource – HWB responsibility of all, making the links, making it work.  Use the link below to access the document from the ES site:


Janice kindly gave us her presentation, which you are welcome to use in your own establishment.  It’s now on our HWB GLOW site, in the HWB network tab.   Or you can access it here:

Education Scotland presentation HWB RoA Sep 14

Our senior Active Schools Co-ordinator, Barry Cook, updated us on what’s happening in the world of PEPAS and showed us a few inspirational films.  Here are the YouTube links:

10 years of East Ren Active Schools:  http://youtu.be/7FDirfekNag?list=UUTha5en8Mq3kODNuJvc8Wyw

Commonwealth Roadshows:  http://youtu.be/dapuCHg4lWw?list=UUTha5en8Mq3kODNuJvc8Wyw

Best games ever:  http://youtu.be/N67X8moAZis

If you missed the network, this should give you a flavour of what you missed.  Please get in touch with Barry Cook or myself (Carolynne McKendry) if you’d like any more info.

Woodfarm High’s Ambassadors for Sport – & pretty impressive young people in their own right.


Marie Baxter, Active School’s Co-ordinator in the Woodfarm cluster, recently brought her student sporting ambassadors to Pulse Community Radio to tell the listeners about the role they play in promoting sport and physical activity in their school.  It wasn’t long before we realised they are really impressive young people in their own right and are doing a brilliant job of supporting the school’s efforts but also preparing themselves for university and the world of work.  

If you know Amy and Grant, you’ll already know what I mean.  They are sure to make a great job of whatever they do.  Click the soundcloud link below to listen for yourself – they are a successful product of a great education.  Well done Marie, Amy & Grant!


Track suits & other important HWB stuff @ Kirkhill Primary


Kirkhill Primary were recently nominated for a School Sport Award for the fantastic work the school community does to promote sport and physical activity – within and outwith the curriculum.  Gillian McCombe, who leads on HWB in the school and Barry Cook, senior Active Schools Co-ordinator are at the heart of making sure all the children @ Kirkhill have the opportunity to be more active, more often. 

I had the pleasure of chatting to them and two wonderful pupils, Sophie and Calum when they recently visited Pulse Community Radio to tell us all about their experiences of HWB @ Kirkhill.  The children are charming and Barry and Gillian can talk for Britain – listen for yourself! & you might even hear us all sing @ the end….


No one is perfect – not even Olympians

Australian swimmer & 5 time Olympic Gold medallist Ian Thorpe has opened up about his fragile personality and struggles with depression and anxiety. 

“It made me understand I needed to see someone more frequently and to get medication that worked. I feel I’m on to the other side of it now. I’ve got a handle on it but I would never say I’m in control of it because I know how quickly it can change. But I’m in a place where, for the first time, I’m comfortable talking about depression.”

Wouldn’t this article be a perfect addition to mature, open discussion with young people about mental health? 

We need more brave people to be honest about their mental health in order to move on from the stigma that surrounds mental illness.  Nice one Thorpedo, I think you’re even more wonderful now!