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Who Knew…? Well, Bradley did

Who knew hard work, passion, belief and determination could help us achieve great things.  Just ask Dave Brailsford and Bradley Wiggins from cycling’s Team Sky – the new Coach of the year and Sports Personality of the year!

Taken from the back of a Team Sky cycling jersey that I bought my husband for Xmas  – check this inspirational message out.  Share this with your young charges, it might help them go the extra mile.  I hope it turns my husband into Bradley Wiggins….

No one is perfect – not even Olympians

Australian swimmer & 5 time Olympic Gold medallist Ian Thorpe has opened up about his fragile personality and struggles with depression and anxiety. 

“It made me understand I needed to see someone more frequently and to get medication that worked. I feel I’m on to the other side of it now. I’ve got a handle on it but I would never say I’m in control of it because I know how quickly it can change. But I’m in a place where, for the first time, I’m comfortable talking about depression.”

Wouldn’t this article be a perfect addition to mature, open discussion with young people about mental health? 

We need more brave people to be honest about their mental health in order to move on from the stigma that surrounds mental illness.  Nice one Thorpedo, I think you’re even more wonderful now!