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All rise for the court stars of St Thomas’ Primary

St Thomas’ Primary P7s recently took part in a national “mock court case” competition.  It was the first time the school had entered the competition and they did exceptionally well.  From 66 national entrants, they were placed 3rd overall – a brilliant result for the rookie professionals. 

The team had to take on the roles of solicitor, witness, researcher, journalist, robe maker and court artist and had to present their case to a real judge, in a real court, in Edinburgh.   And they had to leave their residential trip to Castle Toward early and travel directly to the court in Edinburgh.  How’s that for dedication – no wonder they did such a great job.

I spent some time recording their story to air on Pulse Community Radio and here it is.  Take the time to listen to this impressive, motivated, bright young bunch and watch out for them.  They are surely the solicitors, journalists and teachers of the future!



If you’re interested in finding out more about the competition, get in touch with Marion Johnson @ St Thomas, who will happily give you more info.

Check out the link to a BBC news story about the competition.


Hear, Hear @ IMS

Ever the innovators, class Whalsay @ Isobel Mair School have been recording an audioblog for the last few months.  I was delighted to visit the class to help them record their weekly news and interview the class teacher, Ger McGauley about why and how they are all about the curriculum for excellence.   

Check out the interview and link to IMS own audioblog.



I had a great time and hope to be invited back soon.  Get in touch with IMS if you’d like some tips about recording your own audioblog.  They are very good indeed!

Who Knew…? Well, Bradley did

Who knew hard work, passion, belief and determination could help us achieve great things.  Just ask Dave Brailsford and Bradley Wiggins from cycling’s Team Sky – the new Coach of the year and Sports Personality of the year!

Taken from the back of a Team Sky cycling jersey that I bought my husband for Xmas  – check this inspirational message out.  Share this with your young charges, it might help them go the extra mile.  I hope it turns my husband into Bradley Wiggins….

Feeling Safe in School

I attended a recent event in Eastwood Park Theatre – as part of the Department’s drive to support anti-bullying work in schools.  You’ll all be aware we have a revised anti-bullying policy and schools have been facilitating training with staff to refresh everyone’s commitment, but this event concentrated on showcasing the great work that goes on in our establishments.  I took the opportunity to chat with a few key folk on the day to get a sense of how important this work is in their schools and how it fits more widely with H&WB.

Thanks to Alison McGillivray – QIO; Amanda Gracie – Head of Creative Arts @ St Luke’s High; Bryan McLachlan – Head Teacher @ Cross Arthurlie Primary; Marion McCallum – Campus Police Officer and the very confident and talented P7 pupils @ Carolside Primary who I put on the spot and who did their school and themselves very proud indeed.

Click on the links below to hear the interviews.






If you have any work from your school you’d like to showcase on our blog, please let me know and I will share it on your behalf. My email address is below.


Also, don’t forget the excellent RespectMe website, full of information and resources to help stimulate learning and discussion around this topic.


Stay safe on the roads


Road Safety Week, organised by the charity Brake, is held in November every year to raise awareness of death and injury on our roads, and the steps that can be taken to improve road safety.  Here are a few websites with good resources for covering this topic in school.





click below for interactive road safety games


Gordon Sweeney, St Luke’s High’s Campus Cop, has worked with the S3 PDP class to come up with some rather clever Road Safety reminders.  Click the link below.

Road safety reminders St Luke’s

Hair of the dog…

It’s Alcohol Awareness Week.  Some think it’s important to have a focus for health topics @ particular times of the year – others think they should be permeated throughout the year.  I think what’s most important is that health topics are raised, giving staff and students the opportunity to discuss and learn about ways to look after their health.

Here are two weblinks to resources for alcohol awareness:



St Luke’s High seniors did a project a few years ago where they researched & discussed how to keep safe on a night out, which may or may not include drinking alcohol.  They produced this great resource, please feel free to share. Clink on the link to open. 

Top Tips for a safe night out

The lovely dog below is part of alcohol concern’s current campaign encouraging us to talk about alcohol.  Check it out, the web address is above.