Keeping up to date in Mental Health

The latest e-bulletin from NHS Health Scotland on Mental Health has been produced. Click on the link below to have a look:

There’s a lot of interesting info, including an online tool to track your mental wellbeing.

Why don’t you subscribe and get the info directly into your inbox…

HWB network

Our recent HWB network in September welcomed Education Scotland’s new Education Officer for the HWB Team, Janice Watson.  Janice talked us through using their new resource – HWB responsibility of all, making the links, making it work.  Use the link below to access the document from the ES site:

Janice kindly gave us her presentation, which you are welcome to use in your own establishment.  It’s now on our HWB GLOW site, in the HWB network tab.   Or you can access it here:

Education Scotland presentation HWB RoA Sep 14

Our senior Active Schools Co-ordinator, Barry Cook, updated us on what’s happening in the world of PEPAS and showed us a few inspirational films.  Here are the YouTube links:

10 years of East Ren Active Schools:

Commonwealth Roadshows:

Best games ever:

If you missed the network, this should give you a flavour of what you missed.  Please get in touch with Barry Cook or myself (Carolynne McKendry) if you’d like any more info.

Shh! Silence helps homophobia


LGBT Youth Scotland’s new campaign –Shh! Silence Helps Homophobia – asks people to stand up and speak out against homophobia in Education.  The campaign will feature as part of all LGBT Youth Scotland’s education activities for 2014-15.

Homophobia often goes unchallenged, as people are unsure or afraid to name it. As a result, many people either choose to ignore homophobic situations altogether or deal with the situation without mentioning the real issue- homophobia.

This campaign aims to highlight the importance of naming homophobia and giving a clear message that it is never acceptable.

Central to the campaign is the Shh! Silence helps homophobia film, which has been developed with support from the Fife Cultural Partnerships Fund created by the Fife LGBT Youth group, ‘Flavours of Fife’, who scripted it and got funding for a film, which is now being rolled out nationally as part of LGBT Youth Scotland’s education campaign.

The film takes us through a young person’s experience of homophobia at school, asking us ‘What could be done differently?’.

Stand Up, Speak Out

The film gives the clear message that doing nothing fuels homophobia – Shh! Silence helps homophobia asks us to stand up, speak out. The film is ultimately a call to action and shows us that we can all make a difference in an LGBT young person’s life. We can challenge homophobia when we see it and refuse to stay silent.

See the film and get more info from the LGBT Youth Scotland website

Support for HWB in your establishment, cluster, neighbourhood

Here are two documents which outline the work I was involved in last session and some ideas of the types of work I can support you to develop.

Please get in touch if your are interested in anything you see, or if you have any other HWB ideas you’d like to discuss.

HWBDO work session 2013-14 edited

HWB DO – Support for Schools 2014-15

Welcome new GLOW chums

Our HWB site and blog are up and running on new GLOW. All relevant documents will be migrated from old to new, so you will have access to things you may have seen before as well as a whole bunch of new stuff. You’ll see the blog hasn’t had much traffic of late – I’ve been busy, busy but I’ll be trying to set aside time to use the blog to share good practice and keep you up to date with things of interest in HWB from wherever I see them. It will only be worthwhile if you read and participate.

For when you don’t know what to say…

Realising you may be struggling with your mental health is one thing.  Going and speaking to someone about it is quite another.  How brilliant of the Mental Health Foundation – recognising this is a huge stumbling block for many, they have developed a resource to guide you through a visit to your GP to talk about your mental health.

This simple guide could make all the difference.  Please pass it on.

Welcome back!


I don’t know about you, but I was very happy to sit behind my desk today and get my to do-list written.  I’ve had a restful, happy festive break but I’ve been looking forward to getting back to work for the last couple of days.  For me, there’s something about working in a school that I’ve missed.  And I know what that something is too – the hustle and bustle of eager, enquiring young minds, desperate to drain every last idea and creative thought from each and every adult who helps them to learn.   Isn’t it great!

Here are a few of the things I’m excited about this term:

  • consulting with senior students in each of our secondaries as we pull together our ideas for revamping the RSHPE curriculum.  I am very keen to hear what they have to say about their experiences of learning in this important subject.
  • more planning with Barry Cook from Active Schools on our successful holiday programme.  Thanks to increased funding from the Council, we’ll be expanding the programme this year to include provision for S1 & S2 students and a programme for parents and carers, in partnership with our Adult Learning colleagues. 
  • delivering workshops on the importance of sleep at the St Ninian’s family HWB evening.  This is sure to be a busy and very worthwhile evening.  It will be great to see how the St Ninian’s community works together to give everyone the opportunity to look after their health.
  • working with the Youth Achievement Award group at Barrhead High to develop and facilitate a HWB event for the school’s S2 students.  With the ideas coming from the group themselves and full support from the HT and senior staff, their focus on raising awareness of self harm and where to go for support will be a first class piece of work.  I look forward to sharing it with you in due course.
  • taking part in a seminar at Isobel Mair School which is bringing together a whole host of partners and school staff who will share with the school community how we all work together to Get It Right For Every Child in Isobel Mair school.
  • working with the PT in Behaviour Support at Barrhead High  to facilitate sharing information, what works and how best to support young people’s mental health with the PSA team.  The first half of this work took place on the October inservice but we learned so much from each other there was a real keenness to continue.  It’s very exciting for us all.
  • developing a workshop for an Education Scotland event in planning for choices and changes.  I’m delighted to be invited to this as they’ve heard about some work I’ve been doing in secondary with small groups of students who struggle to cope with stress around exam time.  This is a pleasure to do and it’ll be a pleasure to share.

If you would like to chat with me about any of this work, I’d be happy to hear from you.  Perhaps I could be involved in something similar in your school..?  You can mail me on

I hope you’ve enjoyed your first day back as much as I have!

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