Enjoy Food! Tesco and Diabetes UK team up

Diabetes UK have teamed up with Tesco in a very successful partnership to support their charity and people living with Diabetes.

Tesc0 has raised £16m for the charity, produced resources for schools, paid for a five year research programme and produced a resource for families – to help them shop, cook and eat.

http://www.diabetes.org.uk/  will give you access to lots of information and resources.  Click on the picture below for the Enjoy Food campaign.   Tesco have also produced an Enjoy food booklet which is currently in their stores. 

Keeping up to date in Mental Health

The latest e-bulletin from NHS Health Scotland on Mental Health has been produced. Click on the link below to have a look:


There’s a lot of interesting info, including an online tool to track your mental wellbeing.

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HWB network

Our recent HWB network in September welcomed Education Scotland’s new Education Officer for the HWB Team, Janice Watson.  Janice talked us through using their new resource – HWB responsibility of all, making the links, making it work.  Use the link below to access the document from the ES site:


Janice kindly gave us her presentation, which you are welcome to use in your own establishment.  It’s now on our HWB GLOW site, in the HWB network tab.   Or you can access it here:

Education Scotland presentation HWB RoA Sep 14

Our senior Active Schools Co-ordinator, Barry Cook, updated us on what’s happening in the world of PEPAS and showed us a few inspirational films.  Here are the YouTube links:

10 years of East Ren Active Schools:  http://youtu.be/7FDirfekNag?list=UUTha5en8Mq3kODNuJvc8Wyw

Commonwealth Roadshows:  http://youtu.be/dapuCHg4lWw?list=UUTha5en8Mq3kODNuJvc8Wyw

Best games ever:  http://youtu.be/N67X8moAZis

If you missed the network, this should give you a flavour of what you missed.  Please get in touch with Barry Cook or myself (Carolynne McKendry) if you’d like any more info.