Support for HWB in your establishment, cluster, neighbourhood

Here are two documents which outline the work I was involved in last session and some ideas of the types of work I can support you to develop.

Please get in touch if your are interested in anything you see, or if you have any other HWB ideas you’d like to discuss.

HWBDO work session 2013-14 edited

HWB DO – Support for Schools 2014-15

Welcome new GLOW chums

Our HWB site and blog are up and running on new GLOW. All relevant documents will be migrated from old to new, so you will have access to things you may have seen before as well as a whole bunch of new stuff. You’ll see the blog hasn’t had much traffic of late – I’ve been busy, busy but I’ll be trying to set aside time to use the blog to share good practice and keep you up to date with things of interest in HWB from wherever I see them. It will only be worthwhile if you read and participate.