Farewell to the class of 2013


I was delighted, on behalf of Pulse 984 Community Radio, to pay a visit to St Mark’s Primary as they said farewell to their class of 2013.  They had asked the radio station to record a feature that could be played on air and then shared with the school community.  Listen here as Head Teacher,  Gerard McLaughlin and Parent Council chair, Alan Kirkwood describe a class of willing, hard working, spiritual, confident, happy pupils who have been a credit to the whole school community.  And the pupils themselves have the last word – in song.

Up and down the country, children will be reflecting on the time they spent growing and learning in primary school and dreaming about their continued journey through secondary and beyond.

Probably with a tear in your eye as you say farewell to your young charges, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back.  

How fortunate those of us who work in education are to have perhaps played a part in shaping their young minds and giving them the confidence and sense of wonder to enjoy learning as they embark on their next life stage.

Isn’t school just wonderful!  Have a great summer 🙂