Staying Safe Online

I was lucky enough to bump into ERC Information Officer, Carol Peters @ a recent event and had a chat with her about the work she is doing to raise awareness of how to stay safe online.  Her role in promoting awareness of the stay safe online campaign is vitally important.  You can hear her for yourself by clicking the link below.

More info can be found by visiting the national website:

Feeling Safe in School

I attended a recent event in Eastwood Park Theatre – as part of the Department’s drive to support anti-bullying work in schools.  You’ll all be aware we have a revised anti-bullying policy and schools have been facilitating training with staff to refresh everyone’s commitment, but this event concentrated on showcasing the great work that goes on in our establishments.  I took the opportunity to chat with a few key folk on the day to get a sense of how important this work is in their schools and how it fits more widely with H&WB.

Thanks to Alison McGillivray – QIO; Amanda Gracie – Head of Creative Arts @ St Luke’s High; Bryan McLachlan – Head Teacher @ Cross Arthurlie Primary; Marion McCallum – Campus Police Officer and the very confident and talented P7 pupils @ Carolside Primary who I put on the spot and who did their school and themselves very proud indeed.

Click on the links below to hear the interviews.

If you have any work from your school you’d like to showcase on our blog, please let me know and I will share it on your behalf. My email address is below. 

Also, don’t forget the excellent RespectMe website, full of information and resources to help stimulate learning and discussion around this topic.