Hear, Hear @ IMS

Ever the innovators, class Whalsay @ Isobel Mair School have been recording an audioblog for the last few months.  I was delighted to visit the class to help them record their weekly news and interview the class teacher, Ger McGauley about why and how they are all about the curriculum for excellence.   

Check out the interview and link to IMS own audioblog.



I had a great time and hope to be invited back soon.  Get in touch with IMS if you’d like some tips about recording your own audioblog.  They are very good indeed!

You dropped something…..

Along with pupil support staff and the campus cop, Gordon Sweeney, I’ve just done an alcohol awareness session with S6 @ St Luke’s High.  Given the students will have done many years of alcohol lessons in school, my premise for this session was to facilitate a sharing of knowledge, fill in the blanks and correct any myths.  Do I sound like a teacher yet…..?

With around 45 students, we ran the session as a big group, keeping it  informal and discussion based and using post-it notes and flipchart as our resources.  Here’s how it went:

Things you know about alcohol – good and bad (on separate flipcharts)

Good 🙂

  • you can have a good time because you don’t care
  • it turns me into a DJ
  • jagermiester tastes awesome
  • it’s easier to fall in love
  • it makes you sociable x3
  • it makes you more confident x8
  • it makes you funny
  • it relaxes you
  • it makes you a great dancer

Bad 🙁

  • it can make you vulnerable to sexual assualt
  • you take risks you usually wouldn’t
  • hangover!  x5
  • it makes you more vulnerable x2
  • you get angry/sad easily
  • it makes you sick
  • it makes you do stupid things
  • you can take a whitey x3
  • it makes you put on weight
  • you could end up with kids x2
  • it can be dangerous & make you do things you may regret later
  • more likely to fall to peer pressure
  • its bad for your health
  • it costs money
  • it can ruin your life
  • it can make you cringe @ what you said and did
  • you don’t remember kissing that girl

What keeps me safe when I’m out?

  • eat beforehand x7
  • buy your own drinks x2
  • don’t drink to keep up with the crowd
  • get a taxi home
  • keep your drink with you @ all times
  • stay with your pals x11
  • know your alcohol limits x7
  • tell someone what time you should be home x3
  • tell your parents the truth about where you are going x4
  • have a phone with you
  • have an ICE number  in your phone (incase of emergency) x3
  • keep in contact with guardians
  • sort out a lift home
  • don’t walk home from parties
  • don’t go away with a stranger
  • know when enough is enough
  • don’t walk home yourself
  • know how you’re getting home
  • don’t mix your drinks
  • drink a litre of water when you get home so you’re not hungover
  • make sure your phone is charged
  • if you feel too drunk – stop!

I always find this methodology works well.  It allows me to check where the students are with the subject matter and my job is merely to fill in the blanks – agreeing with what they got right and challenging their misconceptions.  As I suspected, they  know plenty about alcohol and safety but this served as a reminder @ a really important time.

In order to set the scene, our icebreaker asked the question “what are the best & worst chat up lines you’ve ever used – or heard?”  This one is my favourite. 

We can always learn from each other – be careful out there!

Who Knew…? Well, Bradley did

Who knew hard work, passion, belief and determination could help us achieve great things.  Just ask Dave Brailsford and Bradley Wiggins from cycling’s Team Sky – the new Coach of the year and Sports Personality of the year!

Taken from the back of a Team Sky cycling jersey that I bought my husband for Xmas  – check this inspirational message out.  Share this with your young charges, it might help them go the extra mile.  I hope it turns my husband into Bradley Wiggins….