An introduction to our new topic…

This week we began our new topic: The Victorians. We started by ¬†looking at Queen Victoria. Next, we watched some videos about lady called Maggie Johnston, who shared her diary entries from when she was a young girl in the Victorian era. We have started comparing and contrasting her life with our own. It’s very different!

Steven said ” I enjoyed watching the Victorian diaries.”

This week we also had a class trip to the library which was lots of fun. We had a mini tour, took part in a quiz and got to choose a book. Hayley and Zara said “I enjoyed doing the quiz and taking a tour of the library.”

We also completed our firework art using crayons. They look fantastic! Ross B said “It was fun, you got to colour stuff in and make fireworks.”

This week we also delivered our RME presentations which we had been working on for a few weeks. Everybody did very well and Mr Bonnar even popped down to watch them. He was very impressed with the posters and the presentations (check out some of the pictures on twitter)

Erin said “I enjoyed the RME presentation and being able to peer assess.”

Finally, we rounded off the week with assembly where the Pupil Council delivered an excellent section on Remembrance Day. Ava said “I liked taking part in the assembly and reading a poem.”

Have a good weekend everybody!