World Book Day

The boys and girls had great fun sharing their favourite stories with each other. We had time to talk about our favourite characters and why we liked the books so much. It was lovely to see so many different books in the classroom.

Exploring Number

Emily, Benjamin and James had great fun exploring numbers today.

They were able to recognise that when adding, we can switch our numbers around and still arrive at the same answer.

Pancake Tuesday

This week P1C celebrated Pancake Tuesday by making pancakes in the classroom from scratch.

We carefully weighed the flour and sugar using the scales.

We sieved the flour to remove any lumps and make nice light pancakes.

We added milk, a little at a time, and mixed with the whisk to make a smooth batter.


We waited patiently whilst Miss Shaw cooked the pancakes in the frying pan.



The pancakes smelled and tasted delicious.





Float or sink?

Last week, as part of their science lesson, P1a were exploring whether objects float or sink in water.


After a discussion about what boats are made of and why they float, the children decided to investigate this themselves by making their own wooden rafts.


We collected as many twigs and sticks as we could find in our playground, and took them back to the classroom. With our twigs and a ball of string we were able to construct some rafts that we could try out in some water.


The rafts floated very well and were able hold a lot of weight before they sank to the bottom of the tub.




The true story of The Three Little Pigs

This week P1b have been reading about the story of The Three Little Pigs.

We had a good think about what we would build our houses with. James thought stones and bricks would be a good idea as they are so strong. Jamie designed his house using cans and cement whilst Alfie had many many windows to be able to look out and see everybody.

Today, we watched the “real” story of The Three Little Pigs. It was very exciting and we couldn’t believe what we were hearing.

This is what we heard….

The wolf was wanting to make a birthday cake for his granny and needed a cup of sugar so he went next door to his neighbour the pig. He knocked on the door but nobody answered. Suddendly, the wolf let out an enormous sneeze and the whole straw house fell down.

So he decided to go to the neighbour next door again, who happened to be the first little pig’s brother. He knocked on the door but nobody was home. Again he felt a sneeze coming on. He couldn’t hold it in and he sneezed “achoo” and the whole house made of sticks fell down.

So he decided to try one more neighbour who happened to be the brother of the other two pigs. He knocked on the door but this time the angry little pig told him to go away, don’t bother me and said something unkind about his granny. The wolf became so mad and went a little bit crazy. He went so crazy the pig police had to be called and they arrested the wolf.

The next day when the newspapers heard about this story they thought it didn’t sound as exciting as it could be so they ‘framed’ the wolf and said that he was very bad and changed the story that he was after the little pigs and wanted to eat them all up for his tea. There was no mention of his granny’s birthday cake or that he simply wanted to borrow a cup of sugar.

We can’t decide if we think the wolf is guilty or not guilty…..

img_1349 img_1350


This week the pupils in Primary 1b have been learning all about the season of Winter. They had lots of experiences to share with each other and the snow falling on Thursday brought the topic alive.

We had a special treat during the week and watched ‘The Snowman’ a classic from 1982. This helped us when we were asked to imagine what would happen if our very own snowmen came alive. We had so many interesting and unusual adventures to share with each other.


Becki’s snowman took a train ride and ended up in a park.

Euan’s snowman took him flying before landing in LegoLand.

Some even went to the beach!

We have had lots of fun in the new PE hall testing out the new sports equipment and have been learning how to bounce pass the ball to one another. It’s been great fun!


Our First week back

Primary 1b have been learning all about the New Year. We made promises that we will try to follow in 2017.

Cameron “I’m going to learn to play football and join a team with my friends Lucas and Kyle”.

Charlotte “I’m going to clean my room everyday and my mum’s going to help me”.

Aisha-“I’m going to learn gymnastics”.

We have been very busy working with our numbers and have learned how to add three numbers together. We have also been looking at analogue and digital clocks and now know how to read o’clock times.

Today, we read the story ‘Not Now, Bernard’ and completed our first book review together.



The house that Ryan built


This week we have been using Polydron to build 3D models with 2D shapes. Ryan created a house which…

“…has a pentagon floor, square walls and a triangle roof.”

He was rightly proud of his house and wanted to share it with his family.


New arrival to P1


It looks like Santa has been checking the “Santa Cam” as he sent a special letter to Primary 1 this week.


Santa says he is very happy with the children’s behaviour and has granted their wish of their own class elf. However, Santa did not say in his letter where the elf would be.


We searched thoroughly in our classroom and even took the hunt outdoors into our playground but no elf could be found. We asked the builders, the office staff and even Mrs. Loudon but nobody saw our elf.


Then we remembered about the hut in our old playground and look who we found.


Santa asked us to name the elf, so we decided to call him Mischief because Santa told us he can be naughty sometimes.


2D shapes outdoors


This week we took our learning outdoors.


We used the space to investigate 2D shapes. Using wool we created as many shapes as we could think.




Afterwards, we used what we learned outdoors to create 2D pictures back in our classroom.