Art in the outdoors


Inspired by the characters in the Funnybones book by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, we decided to go outside and create some art.


Using natural materials that we found in the playground such as leaves, twigs, stones and even apples, we created our own skeleton characters.




We worked in groups, pairs and individually to make our skeletons, giving them names and personalities.




Autumn walk


Yesterday we took a walk around the school grounds to look for any signs of Autumn.  It was a cold day so we wrapped up warm in our coats and hats.


We looked up at the trees and noticed their leaves have changed colour.  There were lots of crunchy leaves lying on the ground too.


We collected lots of leaves together so that we can make some art back in the classroom.

Welcome to our P1 class blog!

We are very pleased to welcome you to our new class blog. This is where we get to share with our families all the fun and exciting things we are learning in Primary 1.

Children of P1a
Children of P1a

This is our first post but we are hoping to keep you regularly updated throughout the school year.

Children of P1b
Children of P1b

We would like to hear you thoughts about our blog and what we are posting, so let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Children of P1c
Children of P1c