P3b’s Wonderful Poems

This week, we have been writing poems about characters that we have made up! We have been thinking hard about what the characters might say, and we have been learning about how we can use similes to describe our characters.

Some of the characters that we made up were…
Baboon, who says, “you’re a buffoon!” (Harris)
Wicky the Witch, who says, “Get my cauldron!” (Aisha)
Loud Octopus, who says, “I love snapping and cracking wood!” (Zara)
Andy Curry, who says, ” Get my curry!” (Ross)
Sunshine, who says, “Do you need help?” (Ella)

Some of our favourite similes are…
As rich as Lionel Messi (Cameron)
As loud as an elephant (Myra)
As kind as a nurse (Charlotte)
As gross as slime (Lucy)
As cheeky as a monkey (Edward)
As sweet as sugar (Rosie)

P3b’s Wonderful World Book Day

Yesterday, we celebrated World Book Day. We listened to a lot of different short stories and we made finger puppets to create our own stories with. We had a surprise visitor (Mrs McKim!) who read a story to us and we visited the P7 classes to read some books together. Jenny read The BFG with her reading buddy, Habiba read Winnie Flies Again, Mac read Captain Underpants and Ella read Lilo and Stitch. We’re looking forward to visiting the book nook later today.

Edward said, “There were lots of tricky words but I gave it my best go.”

Zara said, “On World Book Day, I was very excited!”

Lucy said, “I wish World Book Day would happen again!”

We’re looking forward to next year’s celebrations.

P3b – Mini Mudder

Last Friday, before lunch we all took part in Mini Mudder! Before, some of us felt very nervous. Olivia said “I thought I would get wet and I don’t like getting wet.”

When we got to the course, we saw all of the different obstacles. There were tyres that you had to go in and out of, there were tunnels and you had to crawl under a big blue sheet. Ava said she felt a bit nauseous when she saw it! We all completed the course, and some of us did it a lot of times.

Afterwards we needed to get cleaned up because we were very muddy. Daryn said “the mud was on my forehead and my hair and clothes!” It took a long time to get everybody clean and ready for lunch! Jenny said she was looking forward to doing it again, but Charlotte said she wouldn’t want to try again!

Ross said “I felt so happy after it because I got to peel the mud off my legs!”
Rosie said “I was really wet after it because I got sprayed a thousand times!”
Ava said “Miss Evans squirted me!”
Edward said “When I went under the tunnel I thought I saw a spider crawl on me!”

P3b – Our New Topic

This week we chose our new topic – we are going to be learning all about Scottish food! We have started by exploring lots of different Scottish dishes and finding out what their ingredients are. We found out that cullen skink is made out of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions, and that shortbread is made with sugar, butter and flour. Next, we are going to learn about where all of these ingredients come from.

We had lots of questions about how Scottish food is made.
Daryn asked, “Where did all of the ingredients for shortbread and porridge come from?”
Harris asked, “How is the pastry for steak pie put together?”
Ryan asked, “How do they put the porridge oats in a box?”
Charlotte asked, “How do you make haggis, neeps and tatties?”
Lucy asked, “How is cullen skink put together?”
Olivia asked “What are some other Scottish foods?”
Isla said “Lots of the foods come from an island called Islay! That’s like my name!”
Alfie wondered, “Where was the first place haggis was made?”
Becki asked “Who was the first person to try all of these Scottish foods?”
Zakir asked “Was shortbread made in 1984?”
Ross asked “Do tatties grow in farms in other countries?”
Aisha asked, “How do get tatties into different shapes?”

We are going to try and answer lots of these questions during our topic time this term!

P3b – Maths blog

This week we have been trying out some new maths games and have been doing lots of number work in our groups. We have been improving our mental maths skills by playing around the world, catch the calculation and splat – we all enjoyed this a lot! We have also been working on our understanding of place value, which has helped a lot with chimney addition. After the October holidays, we are going to use this knowledge in our group work.

Lucy said, “I enjoyed doing place value.”

Daryn said, “I liked using the play-doh.”

Habiba said “I enjoyed making a magic triangle.”

Rosie said, “I liked playing around the world.”

Ross said, “I liked playing catch the calculation.”

P3b – The River Nile

This week we started our Ancient Egypt topic. The first thing that we have been learning about is The River Nile. We found out that the river would flood once a year which helps crops to grow. We also found out that bricks were made using mud from the Nile. The river was also useful for catching fish to eat.

Isla said, “I learnt that boats went down the Nile to trade pottery for food.”

Ryan said, “the pyramids were made out of limestone.”

Habiba said, “they grow crops near The River Nile.”

Harris said, “they used the river for transport.”

Next week we are looking forward to learning more about Ancient Egyptians.


Our Rights – P3b

This week we have been learning about our rights. We have learnt that we have the right to play, to be warm, to have an education and to be cared for. We also made a poster about our wants and needs.

Ava said, “I’d like to learn more about our rights.”

Rosie said, “our rights are help us to be safe.”

Edward said, “we have the right to play.”

Dylan said, “we have a right to learn.”

Zara said, “we have a right to be cared for.”

Olivia said, “I thought it was really fun.”

Alfie said, “can we learn more about education?”