Art with RME

We were linking Art with RME and drawing mosques.  We focused on the visual elements of line, tone and pattern.  First we drew the outline of the mosque and we focused on the tower and dome (Onion dome).  We used Wolff’s Carbon Pencils to shade it in going from light to dark.  Some of us used a brick pattern, stone or tile pattern using squares, triangles, rectangles and semi-circles.  Some people also included the Islamic symbol on their mosque.

Reebops Strike Again with a Family of Their Own!

Today in Science we were making our baby Reebop.   A Reebop is an alien which we were making during our Inheritance topic.  Before we made our baby Reebops, we had a planning sheet to plan out what our baby Reebops will look like.  We did this by crossing the genes from the mum and dad Reebops and coloured in which genotype we wanted from one of the possible baby Reebop outcomes.  We used clay, pipe cleaners, lollipop sticks, rubber bands, wooden sticks and straws to make them.  We have learned what happens when you cross the genes of the mum and dad and what the baby could look like.  Most of us managed to successfully cross the genes and make the baby Reebops look a bit like one or both of the parents.

P4b’s Magnificent, Magical, Marvellous Masterpiece Mosques

In R.M.E. we were building Mosques with different materials.  We were using straws, card, Lego, match sticks, cubes, plastic shapes and cups and we worked in groups of 4.  Every Mosque was different but most groups included the Minaret (which is like a tower) and the dome.  We made the Minaret out of stacked cups and other groups made it from connecting shapes or cubes.  Some groups added detail to the inside of their Mosque with prayer mats and Lego characters praying as well as the Imam.  At the end we all got the opportunity to look at each group’s masterpieces.

Some photos of our Mosques will soon follow…

P4b’s Cool and Colourful Reebops

In Science, we were making Reebops.  Reebops are aliens and we used different characteristics to make a mum and a dad. We used different letters to show the genes for example: BB or Bb for the dominant body shape which was square and bb for the recessive gene for the body which was circular.

We used pipe cleaners, large fluffy fake snowballs, lollipop sticks, clay, match sticks with the ends broken off, Plasticine, rubber bands, art straws, straws and coloured card/ paper.  Next week, we are going to cross the genes from the mum and the dad to make the baby reebop.  It was a very fun experience for all of us and everyone had a good time but it was a wee bit tricky sometimes too.  We rate the experience 10/10.

Great Guru Nanak and Delightful D.Y.W Week

We have been learning about Guru Nanak.  Guru Nanak grew up with a Hindu family and one day had a dip in the river and he didn’t come back like he usually did.  After a while Guru Nanak’s family thought he had drowned and 3 days later he came back and said he was with the Gods.  He went on a journey around the world with his friend Mardana. He started to preach Sikhism and he said that it doesn’t matter if you’re different, you can still make friends and play with others.  He also invited people of all wealth to the town hall and they ate altogether to show that everyone is equal.

On Tuesday we were starting to make Guru Nanak birthday invitations because it was Guru Nanak’s 550th birthday.  Some people drew Guru Nanak on their invitation.  All of our invitations looked different and had slightly different information about where the party was taking place and the date. Take a look at a few examples below…



There are 4 D.Y.W. groups.  There is Learning for Sustainability, Life Skills, Digital Technologies and Design and Manufacture.

The Learning for Sustainability group were designing plastic bottle pencil cases before we make them next week.

Life skills group were learning how to sew with needles and it was very tricky but we succeeded!

The Digital Technologies group were learning about Scratch which is similar to the Spheros and is on the computer.

The Design and Manufacture group were painting boxes and started making a little town by turning the boxes inside out and next week we will decide on our town names as well.

We can’t wait for next week!


Post from 11th October has been updated.

P4b’s photos of their shoebox dioramas have been added.  Scroll down to have a look!

P4b’s Criminal Case

In literacy we have been looking at a Humpty Dumpty crime scene where Humpty Dumpty got pushed off the wall.  We wrote police reports about who we thought pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall.  We were doing this to practise writing summaries.  We all tried really hard to work out who did the crime but only one person out of 29 managed to work out who the prime suspect was, who committed the crime.

Some of our suspects were Hansel and Gretel, the Queen, the Guards, the Horses and Little Red Riding Hood.  Hansel was a suspect because Humpty Dumpty didn’t listen to Gretel when she advised him to be careful and Gretel was also angry with him for not listening and she showed this by snatching the skipping ropes off of Humpty.  The Queen’s motive may have been due to Humpty Dumpty climbing on her palace wall.  The Guards could have done the crime because they scowled at Humpty when he climbed on the wall and Humpty Dumpty shrugged his shoulders and didn’t listen.  The horses might have committed the crime because they could have ran up the stairs and pushed him off the wall.  We thought it could have been Little Red Riding Hood because there was something silver at the crime scene and we thought that might have been Little Red Riding Hood’s mushrooms that she picked that day and also there was something red at the crime scene which we thought was Little Red Riding Hood’s hood.

After a lot of working out and also creating WANTED posters, the 2 suspects who actually did it were revealed…it was…Hansel and Gretel.  The evidence from the text was that Hansel and Gretel were angry with Humpty at the start of the story and there was a sweetie wrapper at the scene.  The story also revealed that 4 footprints were seen in the egg yolk.  We were very surprised that they were our criminals.


Lots more examples of our work will be making its way to our corridor wall display very soon.  Keep an eye out!

P4b’s Fabulous French and Summary Sliders

In French we were playing a yes or no game to learn about French numbers up to 100.  We then did a worksheet where we had to work out calculations in French and colour match the answer to one of the number answers in French. We had to think about it for a while because sometimes we would forget what each number was in French.

In literacy we were creating a summary in our jotters about the books we were reading at home or a text in class.  A summary is when you get the main idea out of a story or a text.  The Editors and Publishers created a ‘Summary Slider’ which is a burger shape with the text summary in it.  We also included evidence from the text and detail to support the main idea.

Have a Delightful Diwali!

On Thursday we were making decorations which were paper lanterns for Diwali.  Diwali is the festival of light and Sikhs, Hindus and Jains celebrate it.  There are lots of fireworks during Diwali.  It is mainly celebrated in India but can also be celebrated in other countries around the world.  During Diwali they eat yummy food and it’s on the 27th October this year.  It is normally celebrated around October/ November and the date depends on the position of the moon.  Pictures of flowers are also made out of sand.  People wear fancy clothing with patterns and colourful scarves.  We watched a story about Diwali in assembly and the main idea was that it is about good and evil and good always wins and light wins over dark.  We learned that lights are significant in order to guide people home.

In the pictures below you can some of P4b telling the school about Diwali and showing them the paper lanterns that we made.

P4b would like to wish you all a Happy Diwali!








Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your hard work, Primary 4 and thank you to all who provided us with a range of materials to create recent artwork in class.  They are looking FAB! Photos to follow very soon! 🙂

Have a great holiday!

Miss Murchie and Mr Smith