An exciting visitor!

Today, we had a very exciting visitor! Holly came form the SSPCA (Scottish Societry for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). She taught us a lot about the animals that she helps, both pets and wild animals! We learned that one of the most common animals Holly sees is pigeons BUT she also helps a lot of seals. We were very surprised by that! We took part in a workshop to learn about how to understand animal emotions and behaviour. To do this, we got to do some coding! We were given an emotion (happy, sad, scared) and we had to code our cats to behave in that way. For example, if a cat is scared, it might move more slowly, so we coded our cats to move slowly and go in 180, 90 or 360 degree turns. When our cat was angry, we coded it to move very quickly and make fast turns! We had so much fun and learned a lot about how to care for animals along the way. Thanks Holly!