P4’s Fantastic February


It has been a busy month in Primary 4A, with lots of exciting learning. In PE, we have been becoming tennis superstars by learning the basics of ball skills. We have been playing partner games to learn ball control. Wimbledon, watch out!

In the topic of weather, we have been learning about how weather affects our every day lives. In groups, we made weather instruments. We made an anemometer, a wind vane, a thermometer and rain gauge. It was hard to make our instruments but we managed to build it using team work. We have also been learning about the weather in French. Aujourd’hui, il pleu et il ya du vent!

In writing, we have been learning to write a persuasive letter. We learned about the Australian wildfires and sent letters to tourists persuading them to go to other destinations like New Zealand. This has helped us in Reading, where we have been learning about non-fiction text features. We learned about different types of non-fiction texts and how we use them.

We have been doing LOTS of learning in Maths. The Rectangles have been learning about Chance and Uncertainty where they designed their own games. The Rectangles have also been reviewing addition and subtraction within 1000. In the Circles, we have been reviewing number by comparing and ordering numbers, using greater than, less than and equals to. The Triangles have been learning how to add and subtract using 10s and 100s and have done a great job of solving tricky word problems!

We also had an exciting visit from some engineers from Thales. They taught us about engineering. We got to code a robot with black lines on paper and using different colours to code how it moved. The robot followed the pattern and did moves like tornado and backwards. We also tried to make the tallest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti but it was hard because it kept falling!

Thanks for reading!