Looking after P4a’s Elf and Wellbeing

In our second last week of the year the rectangles have been finishing up with our division topic that we’ve been working on for some time now. I think they’re looking forward to working on something different for a while.

The circles, however, have just started learning about the same bus stop method that the rectangles are just finishing with. They’ve done really well so far and I’m sure they’ll enjoy working with more complex numbers next week and after the Christmas holidays.

With our writing this week, with Mrs Abercrombie, was continuing with the Incredible Snowman story that we were planning last week. We will be redrafting these next week, so that they can be displayed around the school to let other classes see our wonderful work.

We have all been working on our Christmas crafts for the Christmas Fayre on Monday. Using acrylic paints and Sharpie pens, we have been painting some lovely snowflake and star-shaped tealight holders. The whole class has put a lot of effort into their designs and they look absolutely fantastic! They’re looking forward to showing them off at the fayre next week.

Just like last week, we had our PE slot inside the classroom. We had good fun keeping active with some Go Noodle videos, as well as some yoga and Just Dance videos. This afternoon, we also ran a mile and timed ourselves doing it. The aim is that we will repeat this next week and see if we can improve on our times by increasing our fitness levels and stamina.

Mrs Melville has been teaching us about the names of colours and numbers as a bit of revision in French. We have covered this before, but it was useful to go back over things again.

One of the more exciting things to happen this week was the delivery of two 3D printers, which have been paid for by the fundraising committee. We talked about the different things that can be printed using the printers and watched some videos to see how long it can take them to be printed. Hopefully next week, we will get the opportunity to see them in action!

Enjoy the weekend!

Christmas Fayre Crafts

In Art, we were working on our crafts for the Christmas Fayre which are tea light holders. Some people have stars and some people have snowflake designs on theirs. We used glitter paint, sharpie pens and regular paint for our designs, however, some people wanted theirs to be plain. Groups were mixed to use different resources so that we had a range of designs. We are keeping them safe in the classroom just now but can’t wait to sell them at the Christmas fayre on Monday. We hope to see you there!