Great Guru Nanak and Delightful D.Y.W Week

We have been learning about Guru Nanak.  Guru Nanak grew up with a Hindu family and one day had a dip in the river and he didn’t come back like he usually did.  After a while Guru Nanak’s family thought he had drowned and 3 days later he came back and said he was with the Gods.  He went on a journey around the world with his friend Mardana. He started to preach Sikhism and he said that it doesn’t matter if you’re different, you can still make friends and play with others.  He also invited people of all wealth to the town hall and they ate altogether to show that everyone is equal.

On Tuesday we were starting to make Guru Nanak birthday invitations because it was Guru Nanak’s 550th birthday.  Some people drew Guru Nanak on their invitation.  All of our invitations looked different and had slightly different information about where the party was taking place and the date. Take a look at a few examples below…



There are 4 D.Y.W. groups.  There is Learning for Sustainability, Life Skills, Digital Technologies and Design and Manufacture.

The Learning for Sustainability group were designing plastic bottle pencil cases before we make them next week.

Life skills group were learning how to sew with needles and it was very tricky but we succeeded!

The Digital Technologies group were learning about Scratch which is similar to the Spheros and is on the computer.

The Design and Manufacture group were painting boxes and started making a little town by turning the boxes inside out and next week we will decide on our town names as well.

We can’t wait for next week!