P4b’s Super Science and Pretty Perfect Powerful Presentations

On Thursday, we were learning about inheritance in science.  Inheritance is what characteristics are passed on from your parents and grandparents and previous generations. We did a task on a worksheet where there was a picture of a mum and dad  and they had 3 kids and you had to draw each child in a box.  We looked at the mum and dad closely and used some of their characteristics to draw the children.  Characteristics that we focused on were hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, dimples, mouth shape, nose shape, chin and head shape, ear size and shape and eyebrow shape. We have also made a front cover page in our jotters for our new topic.

Today we started making notes or a poster about our climate zone shoe box diorama to present in front of the class after the October Week holiday. We will be assessed on how clearly we can speak, the pace we are talking (not too slow or too fast), a medium volume, the information we are sharing with the class and the expression in our voice.  We also need to remember to hold our notes in front of our chest or below because the audience will need to be able to see our face and hear us.

We have finished our wonderful shoe box dioramas…

Can you guess which climate zones each of them are representing? Is it before or during climate change?