P4b Climate Zones

In Social Studies, we have been learning about Climate Zones.  The 4 new Climate Zones we have been learning about are Polar, Temperate, Arid and Tropical. It is freezing in the Polar Climate Zone so not many people or animals live there.  We would see snow and ice in a Polar Climate Zone. In a Temperate Climate Zone it can be rainy and warm at the same time.  It is not super hot or super cold, it is somewhere in the middle. An Arid Climate Zone is very hot and usually a sandy desert area. An example of a desert is the Sahara Desert in Africa.  In a Tropical Climate Zone there are 2 seasons: long, wet and warm and short, dry and warm.

P4b’s Wild Week

This week we have been drawing the world through our eyes by drawing what is good and what is bad to us in the world.  We drew what we do like in the world on the land and what we don’t like on the sea.

We have also been drawing ROBLOX characters for our class charter. We discussed our Children’s Rights by looking at a picture which included a child who got the blame for stealing but it wasn’t him that was the thief.  We linked this to the right to be listened to and believed.  We also worked with a partner to write our own Rights linked SHANARRI.

The class had the opportunity to play maths games and in their groups did mental maths with Miss Murchie.  One of the games was Mathopoly which included Chance and Challenge cards which gave you an instruction to follow.  We had to roll the dice and move our counter onto that space which had a multiplication calculation on it.  If you got it correct, you got points.  Another task was a number search, scanning for numbers next to each other which show a multiplication calculation ( 6  6  36).

On Friday, we voted for who was going to be representative for The Rights Respecting group, Sports Committee, Eco Committee, Pupil Council and Pupil Leaders.  Every candidate gave an excellent presentation and one pupil was chosen for each.