P3b’s Wonderful Poems

This week, we have been writing poems about characters that we have made up! We have been thinking hard about what the characters might say, and we have been learning about how we can use similes to describe our characters.

Some of the characters that we made up were…
Baboon, who says, “you’re a buffoon!” (Harris)
Wicky the Witch, who says, “Get my cauldron!” (Aisha)
Loud Octopus, who says, “I love snapping and cracking wood!” (Zara)
Andy Curry, who says, ” Get my curry!” (Ross)
Sunshine, who says, “Do you need help?” (Ella)

Some of our favourite similes are…
As rich as Lionel Messi (Cameron)
As loud as an elephant (Myra)
As kind as a nurse (Charlotte)
As gross as slime (Lucy)
As cheeky as a monkey (Edward)
As sweet as sugar (Rosie)