P3 A

  • This week in Maths we have been learning about subtraction and how we can exchange tens into units to help us. We carried out lots of practical activities to help us with our learning. (Leaah)
  • We having been trying hard to improve the presentation of all our written work. We are now much better at laying out all our calculations neatly in our numeracy jotter.
  • In our Resilience lesson we heard a story about Beatrice who never made mistakes. However one day she did make a mistake when she was at a talent show. (Elle)

She picked up pepper instead of salt for her juggling act. (Emilia)

The hamster sneezed and the water balloon fell on top of her head! (Cara)

She looked up at the hamster on top of her head and started to laugh.

Everybody in the audience laughed with her. (Jessica)

She realised then that it was ok to make mistakes.

She went ice skating with her friends and wasn’t afraid to fall over. (Bella)

We talked about times we made mistakes and how often we learned from these mistakes.

  • We were very happy today when Mrs McGuigan gave us 10 minutes extra playtime for being one of the quietest classes in Assembly. (Warren) We have all been working hard on our good manners and have been remembering to show respect to everyone in the school community. (Evan)

Mrs Wilson is delighted with all our hard work and very good behaviour. ( Eleanor)