Thank you so much to everyone who came along to our assembly on Friday morning. We enjoyed sharing our learning with you all.

I have learned lots of facts about owls. E MacK

I liked preforming in front of the whole school. ES

We all worked really hard to learn our words. LM

I liked singing the Owl song. HM


We really enjoyed maths week. We now know so much about fractions.

I made a fraction wall. It shows halves, quarters and one whole.  LF

I made a pizza showing halves. I put peperoni on one half and cheese on the other half. WS

I divided my pizza into quarters. I put cheese on one quarter, mushrooms on one quarter and peperoni on one quarter. I’m going to put peppers on the last quarter. EC

Most of us thought that the Mysterious Maths Menace was Miss David!

We enjoyed the visit from our families on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Wilson is looking forward to seeing everyone again at Parents Night.