Care Home Visit

We went to Whitecraigs care home and talked to a few of the residents there. We took our plants to the care home and put them in the garden to make it more exciting. We sang two songs called ‘Frère Jacques’ and ‘Daisy Daisy’. All the people who live at the care home loved our songs and clapped along. Some were even singing with us! Then we showed the residents our picture that we had created. We asked them questions about themselves.

‘I found out that someones favourite food was chocolate biscuits’ – Ava.

‘I got to introduce all the songs to the residents at the care home’ – Isla.

I found out that a man was 100 years old!’ – Jenny

‘Someone’s favourite food was chips’ – Mac

‘I found out that someones favourite sport was basketball’ –

My Aunt Margaret lives at the care home. I found out that she was 86 years old’ – Lucy