Super Senses

We have been learning about senses as our class topic. – Leaah

One of the senses is smelling. You can smell something which is sweet, sour or spicy. – James

We have also learned that you use your tongue to taste. – Unnabh

We can use our ears to hear and if the noise is too loud your ear drum can burst. – Evan

You use your eyes to see stuff to see where you are going like going across the road. – Lexi

If you are blind, you cannot see. A guide dog could help you. – Tia

You can touch some things to see if they are hard or soft and sometimes things can be both hard and squishy. – Bella

This week we have been writing stories using our imagination about a boy and his rocket. – Harry

In P.E. this week we had the mats out and we were balancing using different body parts. – Warren

You had to look at something that wasn’t moving to keep your body straight. – Luca Franchi

You had to stay still. – Evan