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Let’s go fly a kite!

Due to the windy weather the children have shown a great interest in kites, they began by creating their own kites. We investigated what materials to use to make our kites fly. The children decided that paper and string would work best.

We worked hard to design our kites with great success they began to fly.

With all the interest in kites we decided to take our learning to the next level by introducing our very own Cart Mill kite.

We went onto the grassy field beside the nursery, for this kite we needed a bigger space to let our kite soar high in the sky, we had a great time running and jumping high trying to catch the coloured tail of our kite.

It was flying so high in the sky.

This has been a great learning experience for our children, developing many skills in the process.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the kites the children have brought home. On the next windy day maybe your children can show you how to make a kite.

Let’s go fly a kite…

From our garden today we saw a boy flying his kite on the hill.  The children were enthralled by it and were jumping up and down in delight as it whipped through the sky.  They discussed it with each other “it’s up in the sky”, “it’s gone” as they watched.

“Look it’s coming right to our garden”

When the boy went home the children asked to make their own.

They said we would need paper, pens, string and scissors.

“It needs string so it can fly”


They were very keen to design their kites and had fun flying them afterwards.

“The winds making it fly”


“If I run it can fly”


“Look at my kite”

Lots of fun and excitement was had!