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Scavenger Hunt

The sun has finally came out today and the children  have been busy on a scavenger hunt. They collected some leaves, sticks,stones and pinecones. The children were able to follow simple instructions to keep themselves safe when out in the community. The children used the variety of materials they collected for transients art pictures when they got back to the Family Centre.

Forest School Week 2

This week at Forest School, the children spent time on a rope swing we made together, and also spent more time climbing and balancing.

There was lots of problem solving skills as we worked out how to create our rope swing and where it was best positioned.

It is inspiring to watch the children challenge themselves in the woodland. Often,  for some children, climbing a tree can present a challenge. As adults we never lift the children up or down from a tree. If a child tries many different ways to climb up and then works out how to climb down by themselves , then they will have risk assessed the situation by themselves, on the way up and down and will know what they need to do to be safe.

Nathan described to his friend how he got up : “you put one foot up, then bring the other foot up then pull yourself up”

Jade spent some time balancing along a long log, she slipped off many times, but achieved her goal in the end with determination and motivation. She also climbed a tree, look at the sense of achievement in her picture.


Forest School

Forest School started this week and you will see from the pictures above that we all had  a great time. The main focus this week for the children has been exploring and setting safe boundaries, climbing trees, playing on the bouncy branch and comparing sizes with sticks.

We have a mud slide too. Forest School takes place every Wednesday and Thursday morning. There is a rolling programme in place to ensure we can offer this experience to the majority of children.

A note on midges:

Please note that midges are still very much out in force. You may see evidence of this when your child returns from the forest. They appear as small red spots, which will normally disappear overnight. If you are concerned about this, you could try an insect repellant.


The Big Fit Walk at Cart Mill Family Centre is fast approaching!

Big Fit Walk Poster 2017

We’re going for a walk and everyone is invited!

Please put Saturday 18th November in your diary to come along and walk with your child and the rest of our children, families and staff as we head to Busby Glen Park.

The route will be an easy one, up to an hour long, providing a gentle walk with lots of opportunity for fresh air, exercise and most importantly chat! Oh and tea/coffee/water and healthy snacks will be provided at our mid way point.

Please get in touch with Lorraine Glendinning,  Depute Head of Centre to let her know if you are interested in taking part.



Autumn Adventures

Today some of the children went on an Autumn walk to collect leaves and sticks for the nursery. In pairs the children had a bag to fill, they decided they wanted to have a competition to see who would fill the bags the quickest. As the children were collecting the leaves, we talked about the colours, shapes and sizes of the leaves.

Matthew was very happy with the “big yellow leaf” he found.

Once we had filled our bags, the children discovered some BIG muddy puddles and had lots of fun jumping in them!

The children were very proud of how many leaves they had collected. Abigail thought it would be a good idea to take the leaves to nursery and paint with them.

We went on a Bear Hunt!

Today we had a very busy afternoon in the toddler room. It was a beautiful autumn day for us to go on a sensory walk to experience the changing season. We collected lots of beautiful coloured leaves. We even found a pink one.

We had some snack in the forest and listened to the Walk in The Woods story. It felt very real as we could hear all the sounds of nature around us, the leaves swishy swashing and the wind whooshing! The children wanted to hear the story “again, again!”.


It was the first outing for our youngest children. They had a great time and managed to use their balancing skills to steady themselves as they walked on the uneven forest ground.  They also had to dodge some branches at their eye level! All good skills to learn for keeping safe in the outdoors! Well Done everyone .



Come and experience Autumn with our Family and Friends Walking Group

logoPaths for All is a charity which champions everyday walking in Scotland.

“A physically active lifestyle improves our all round health. Health is more than the absence of illness – it is a balance of physical, social and mental factors. Walking is  a great way to improve our health –  in all ways”

Paths for All (2015)

As I have completed my Walk Leader training with the above organisation, it is my pleasure to be able to lead community walks from our centre.

We would like to encourage as many people as possible to come along and join us next Thursday 5th October at 9.15am on our very first group walk. We plan to walk from the centre to Greenbank Gardens, where we will have a break, then walk back to the centre. The route has been risk assessed and is safe and accessible for buggies too.

As a family centre, at drop off and collection times, we often see parents, aunties, uncles, carers and grandparents, who are the important people that support your child and family. We want to encourage them to join us on our walks too, so please make them aware that if they have a spare hour on a Thursday morning, they will be made most welcome.

So what do you need to bring?

As we experience all 4 seasons in one day (sometimes in 1 hour), here in bonny Scotland, I would ask that you dress appropriately and bring a bottle of water. Plan to be outdoors for the duration of the walk, which will last approximately one hour. We will provide tea, coffee and biscuits as essential fuel at our halfway point!

You will be asked to complete a very short registration form on your first walk and if you would like any more information or have any questions please get in touch .

I hope to see you next Thursday 5th October  at 9.15am.

Please contact the centre to let me know if you are coming along.

Lorraine Glendinning

Depute Head of Centre

If you go down to the woods today….

Some of the children and their teddy bears went off to Busby Glen this morning and afternoon with their teddy bears. It was a rainy day but they didn’t let that dampen their spirits.


Snack time under shelter of the trees

Lots of nice chat and interaction.

Time for Louise to have fun too.

Meanwhile, back at the centre, there was big fun after lunch as the weather cleared up a little. Who is inside this pipe? Answers in the comment box please.

Abigail liked the sound when she blew through this pipe.

Holly and Calum made a “fish tank”

Have  a wonderful weekend everyone xx

It’s very “sticky” at the forest

Rowan liked the fairy den we made last week, so we made another. This one has a proper roof to give the fairies shelter. Rowan said it was better than the other one.

I loved Rowan’s description of the Forest, she said “It’s very sticky”. I asked her what she meant, she said “there’s lots of sticks!”.

The children decided that they wanted to take some torches into the forest. They helped us to find some tiny minibeasts and see them more clearly.


We made some little flower posies to take back to the centre.

Whilst we were having our snack, I asked the children to close their eyes and tell me what they could hear.

Olivia and Rebecca could hear the birds, Lewis said “I can hear the wind and leaves”, Mhairi said she could “feel the rain”.

Here is some information on the art of ‘forest bathing’. Why not try it?




GOMA Visit

We walked to catch a train to go into Glasgow for our trip to GOMA and we met Michelle at the station. Rhonda bought the tickets from the machine. The train ride was great and Michelle sat with us on our journey.

As we walked to the Museum we heard a man singing a lovely song, Siri said his voice sounded like violins. There were lots of different smells and Florence said that it made her feel hungry.

When we arrived at the gallery we saw the man on the horse with a cone on his head – we laughed. Kaile said he had seen him before.

Inside the gallery we took a lift right up to the top. Hallie liked the painted windows, she said they looked like rainbows with all the different colours. Siri liked the painted curtains and Florence thought that the green lady in the mural looked a bit scary.

Hallie also liked the bin bag sculptures, she commented that they are funny because they should be in the bin and Siri said the wind blows the bags and it catches on the wires and twigs. Siri said “they should be in the trash.”

The children thought the black and white pictures were very old and that one of the ladies in a picture looked like Rhonda.

We had a lovely trip, we saw lots of great things, we heard beautiful music and we had a picnic lunch. Everyone arrived back at the family centre tired but very happy.