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Consultation on our outdoor playroom

Over the past few weeks Jillian and Zoe have been consulting with the children on what they would like to have in their outdoor playroom.  Their ideas are displayed on a mindmap in the hallway and the visual representations of their ideas have also been chosen by them from Pinterest.


They certainly know what they want and they have great ideas!  Here are some of the children’s ideas that are key developments we want to take forward:

“We could plant to make the garden pretty.” – Florence



“Sand.” – Thomas

“A dump truck.” – Rhys

“A digger for the sand.” – Joseph


“A dig out place for some big blocks to build.” – Ben

“Play building with blocks, wood and bricks.” – Harry


We would love your help in making these areas become a reality for our children.

Are you a  gardener?  Can you help us to create a ‘Secret Garden’?

Are you a builder? Can you help us to create the sand pit and the builders yard?

Are you interested in helping us in any way to develop the outdoor playroom?

We Want You.

We need your ideas on how you can help – please let us know if you would like to get involved.

Your children, your grandchildren need you!


Many thanks for you continued support for all the work we do!