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Pipe for Carers

This is the 6th week that the Johnston family have piped for our key workers. We all look forward to this weekly event, and hope you do too. Tonight Colin piped Flower of Scotland to show his, and our appreciation to every single key worker helping our communities in these unprecedented times.

Clap for Carers

Last night’s clap for carers, with Colin on the pipes, was slightly different as he went mobile! Making sure social distancing was adhered to, Colin went for a tour of his street at the neighbours’ request. Have a look at the clip below and see how many people you can see clapping?
It is great to see people out clapping for all key workers every Thursday. Do you stay up so you can clap? Please share your pictures with us if you do!
Missing you all very much xx

Thank you to the key workers

At 8pm tonight Gail’s husband, Colin did his bit to show his appreciation for not just our NHS but all frontline workers doing an amazing job during these unprecedented times. The Cart Mill family were all out clapping tonight as we continue to support everyone working so hard in our community.
Thank you!