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Fun Fridays singing in the sun.

What a beautiful week it’s been at Cart Mill. The sun has been shining and we have all been engaging in our learning experiences outdoors.
Today we were taking part in ring games. We were singing some old favourites and learning some new , long forgotten rhymes.

First we got ourselves into a circle, then we played our first game “in and out the dusty bluebells” we were a little unsure of this game but luckily Jo was on hand to show us how to play it.

Then we played “5 little men in a flying saucer”, “5 current buns”  and “ring a ring roses” it’s was such much fun and we all got a turn of playing a different part in each of our ring games.

Taking  part in ring games teaches us lots of skills, such as counting, turn taking, learning new vocabulary, social interactions and much more.

After all that fun, we finished off with Emma’s favourite song “the Friday feeling” we got to stamp our feet, jump up high, turn around, clap our hands and shout out loud.

What fabulous fun times in the sun on a Friday to round off another great week at Nursery.

Safe in the Sun

At our centre we value learning in the outdoors and children have free access to the garden all day. There is a risk during periods of hot weather that children’s skin could be damaged by the harmful rays of the sun which could lead to skin cancer in later life.

When we experience a period of extended hot weather we would advise that you follow our sun protection protocol stated below.

• We would ask that you apply the first coat of sun cream to your child before you bring them to our centre in the morning or afternoon. Sun cream should have a factor of at least SPF 30 and have 4/5 star protection against UVA and UVB rays.
• Please leave a sun cream with us for your child which has their name on it.
• Staff will then apply further coats if and when required depending on the heat of the sun and the length of time spent outdoors or if they stay for an extended day.
• We would ask that your child always has a sun hat (one with a wide brim and neck protection is ideal) and at least a short sleeved T-shirt to protect their shoulders from the sun.

Following this protocol will ensure will ensure that children can continue to enjoy their outdoor experiences.

For more information on sun safety click this link to the NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/safety-in-the-sun/

A Sunny Forest School

Today we had the most amazing weather which lit up our forest and wakened up some of the plants and flowers.

The children began exploring and the spotted horseshoe shapes in the mud.

The children loved climbing the tree and they felt so comfortable up there as you can see.

But the real fun was the mud and don’t be surprised if there is still some mud on your child tonight!