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The 3 Little Pigs

Last week the children enjoyed reading the story of The 3 Little Pigs and got creative acting it out.

This week they have taken their interest into the discovery room and have been busy retelling the story by creating their own small world props.

Building houses for the little pigs…what materials will we use?
Exploring quantities and shapes as we build
Sharing equpiment and taking turns

The children have been creating different houses for the pigs throughout the discovery room and are exploring different materials as they build

Using magnetic blocks to build

With an interest in magnets paired with their interest in this traditional story, a game was created.  This game helped them to further explore magnetic properties and also subitising as they caught their pigs.

Catching pigs with magnets
Counting dots on our little pigs

It’s safe to say that the 3 Little Pigs is a favourite in Cart Mill at the moment!  I’m excited to see where this interest leads and how the children use their current knowledge to extend their learning.