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Exploring our surroundings

This week we welcomed some children from nearby nursery classes. We have all been busy playing together and building new friendships.  The children from Cart Mill have helped to settle some familiar and new faces. We have been out in our local environment learning about boundaries, hazards and risks. We have been using rope, tools and ring games to build our social skills and team work.  As we are so close to the park we can’t resist going in and having a play there too.

What a Week! Phew!

It has been a very busy week here in our centre. A week of mixed emotions too, as we said a final” Farewell ” to the children who will no longer be attending our centre as they are off to continue their learning journey in primary school.

We also said “Hello and Welcome” to some new children who will be joining us for our summer holiday provision. We look forward to having new friends to share our experiences with over the summer.

The weather has to have a mention as it has been very hot indeed. Whilst the children are still enjoying the weather, we are very mindful of our Safe in the Sun policy and are regularly re applying lotions and creams, encouraging the children to drink plenty of water, and making use of the shaded areas in the outdoors.