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Continuing St Andrew’s Day celebrations

Over the past week the children in the Discovery Room room have shown an interest in Highland dancing.

The children have been developing their gross motor skills and movement while learning about Scottish culture and  festivals.

“I can hear bagpipes, listen””I can dance like the dancers”

“I have a tartan dress like that girl”

We took pictures of the children dancing and displayed them for us to look at. The children then drew their own Highland dancers and we introduced some Scottish history through Scotland’s most famous castles.

Armistice Day 2020

Today we spent some time to remember those who fought bravely during the First World War.

The children looked at photos of poppies and created their own using playdough and loose parts.  This involved using scientific language whilst making playdough and led to exploring shape and spacial awareness as the children used their hands to mould their own.

Making our own poppies…
Exploring shape
Spacial awareness

We observed a minutes silence as a group

Some children closed their eyes
Sharing a moment together to remember the fallen…

Later the children asked to make poppies again but wanted to make them as pictures to take home to share with their families or put in their learning journey.

The children developed their fine motor skills through scissor use.  The activity provoked discussion among the children, they discussed shape, size (“look at this little one”), numbers (“look how many poppies I’ve got – 7”) and colours with each other and it also provided them with an opportunity to share resources with their friends.

Cutting out shapes
How many poppies can you see?

“Lest we forget”