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Taking care of our nursery garden

The summer time is here and our grass has grown really long, it was time for grass to get a “haircut”.

The grass was particularly long around our camp fire so we started here. The children got some scissors to cut the long grass, so it was safe when we use the fire pit.

The children did a great job and it’s now safe to do some cooking next week, I wonder what we will make?

After our great job we then moved on to pull out all the weeds from our flower beds.

We were super tidy the children even swept up all the sand and mud that was over the ground and on our rug.

We encourage the children to actively take part in caring for the nursery and the environment by recycling the grass/weeds in our compost bin and is something that will continue this summer and all year round.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful budding gardeners we have here at Cart Mill.