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The Sound Box!

“I have found 4 diamonds and I am 4years old too.”
“I got star in my egg – twinkle twinkle little star.”
“Oh I found sea shells and they’re five.”

Today in the Music area children have been playing and exploring different resources to make sound from the “The sound box musical listening and guessing game”.

They were singing;Here’s a box, here’s a lid, can you guess, inside what’s hid? Can you guess? Can you hear? If you listen with your ear! Children love routine and order, and this repeated sequence of singing, shaking, guessing, counting and then remembering at the end appeals to them. They love the reasoning and predicting element and are reassured by the repetitive pattern of the game.
The children were helping each other to count that how many pennies or shells there are inside.


Thank you for your comments

I have created a word cloud with the comments that parents, families and friends kindly took time to give us on the fun day.  Thank you to everyone who filled in a little tag and left their feedback about our centre and the fun day.

We thank you once again for your support as our centre wouldn’t be a family centre without our wonderful parents, carers families and friends.