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Forest School Week 4

The children are growing in confidence as we expected this week.  We were particularly pleased to see children challenging their gross motor skills, problem solving and assessing risk.


We introduced open fires this week and we talked about the safety around fire.  The children also whittled sticks using knives and then used their stick to toast their marshmallow or pastry on the fire.

The children are motivated and enthusiastic about the tree swings and ladders and each week we have tried to increase the level of challenge by changing something about the swing or ladder.  This week we removed one stair from the ladder so it was a bit harder to balance and still climb the ladder.

We also made the foot swing with a monkey bar to swing from.

We still love the swing!

The children challenged themselves by putting the rope over two trees and making their way across.

The children are enjoying the freedom they have to move around and to be in the great outdoors.  It is a lovely experience each week to look at the views, see how the trees are changing and to admire the local wildlife.