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Stay and Play

The fire was crackling away today for our first stay and play event of the week. Parents joined their children for an outdoor cookery session round the fire to sample a tried and tested Cart Mill favourite, pancakes.
All the children are aware of the hazards around the fire and they know how they can stay safe but we had to make sure our visitors knew how to be safe around the fire pit. The children impressed everyone with their knowledge of fire safety. Risky play is so important to development, it can result in developing more confidence, safety awareness and better risk assessment skills, this works for mums and dads too! After some measuring and mixing, it was time to sit back in the winter sunshine and enjoy our pancakes.

don’t forget, you don’t stand beside the fire.

I am going to make a pancake for my little sister!

I wonder?

The children have been carrying out some experiments. Yesterday they tried mixing mento’s with coke to make a volcano…it didn’t work!

Next they decided to light the fire pit and toast some marshmallows. Sticky but yummy!

Then the decided to create their own Volcano. Bhavin and the other children are going to try bicarbonate of soda and vinegar tomorrow. I wonder what will happen.


Ice and Antartica


Over the last 2 mornings in the garden , the children have discovered ice on the ground and in puddles. They have been exploring how it looks and feels. Ice and snow provide excellent provocations for learning as the children are intrigued by how it forms and how it melts and how cold it feels next to their skin.

Experiences like this offer opportunities to explore many different lines of development. Stephanie and the children talked about how some people live in very cold countries and the children learned about Antartica.

As we have been using our firepit there was a lot of chat about how people keep warm in cold climates.





Morning Bookbug fun then Tiny Fire Time in the afternoon

It was a busy bookbug session this morning, thank you to Connor’s Mum for staying to join in with us.

In the afternoon we realised that we had run out of big logs for our fire pit, so we made a tiny fire to test out our new toasting forks.


We talked about how fires can be dangerous whether they are big or small, this started a conversation about fireworks and how they too can be dangerous and noisy.

Forest School preparation is underway

Soon we will be beginning our winter session of Forest School. Our site at Newford Grove had changed a bit since we were last there in August 2016. This happens in Forest School and is one of its many benefits as we are able to witness the changing of the season first hand, learning what it looks like, feels like and smells like  throughout the year.

Firstly we had to devise a way of getting across the water safely. The cone was useful as a balance midway.


We were collecting sticks to take back and dry out for our firepit in the garden. Jillian told us what sticks would be best to collect for this.


A wee Forest Friend..


We found a pallet, and we thought that might make a better crossing for us to get over the water.

In Forest School we work together, team building and problem solving. This is a perfect example of how this works in practice.




Then plenty of time to explore, climb, swing  and just play.




So now we have safe access across the water to our site and have identified the space we will be using. Our Forest School sessions this term will take place on a Wednesday morning and afternoon. More information will follow when we let you know which children will be taking part in Forest School this term.  These sessions will be offered first to children going to school in August so that they can have this experience before they leave us. Please don’t worry if your child is not in this block of sessions, we aim to offer it to all our children over the course of their time in our centre.