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Bugs, tree stumps and leaves

Today Dominic while exploring the microscope decided to go looking for bugs. He looked under all the tree stumps. Kaile, Evelyn, Magnus and Abigail decided to join in the search. The children looked high and low and managed to find two spider webs and two spiders!

The children also found some holes on the leaves in our vegetable garden…Sami asked the children where they thought the wholes appeared in the leaves. Kaile said; “It’s the caterpillars.”

The children then looked in the compost to see what they could find. Georgia, Abigail and Dominic asked, “Where does compost come from?”

Kaile said “compost comes from rubbish and food.” The children then researched how to make compost by using the computer.

Outdoor Learning

In the outdoors, at our obstacle course, we are learning about body co ordination and how challenging it can be to move different parts of our body at the same time. As you can see this is going well, with the children making good progress across the stepping blocks.

As our weather has been nice and sunny recently, parents may want to start bringing in sun cream, so that it is available for us to apply/reapply. If the forecast is for a hot sunny day, we ask that parents apply sun cream to their child before bringing them into the centre.

I hope I havent ‘jinxed’ the good weather by saying this!




Also in the outdoors we are continuing to develop our garden area, today we planted strawberries.

Doesn’t this look lovely? We need lots more soil, if anyone has a big car or van and a little spare time to pick up some bags of soil for us, we would very much appreciate your help.


Today we had a fantastic new resource arrive at the family centre.

A great big tent – yipee!!

The children gathered round to talk about the preparation they would need to do. They suggested that we use the litter pickers to clear all the paper and litter that had blown into our outdoor learning space.

Then they used the groundsheet to try to find a suitable space where the very large outdoor/indoor learning space could go. It is all very exciting.

Mhairi and Orla said, “We will need to take our wellies off when we go inside”.