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Room on the Broom

The children have been listening to Room on the Broom this week as part of Halloween. They have been discussing who their favourite characters are and why. They have also been discussing the different events that happen throughout the story. The children then decided they wanted to draw their favourite characters and try to write the word to match. Then they selected the characters from the ”witches cauldron” and chose the colours that they needed to use to draw them.

”The witches bow is yellow, she wears it in her hair”
”The bat can fly away from the dragon trying to eat it”
”I can draw the witches wand, it does magic with the potions”
”The bat is my favourite one, it’s black”


The boys and girls were discussing their experiences of fireworks today.

Georgia said ” I heard them last night, they look like colourful”.

Erin – “Fireworks shoot in the sky and they do a big bang then you see the colours”

Marissa said “I did fireworks, they were loud and one was like a water fountain”

The discussion led the childrento explore the different patterns and sounds of fireworks. Connor said “They boom”, Amber said “Bang” and Emeli said “sshhh”.

The children played a game using a dice and they took turns to roll it to see which pattern they got. They  then explored materials for writing and drew the pattern and/or copied the sound word.



Today a lovely bunch of flowers were handed in so that the ladies and children could enjoy their beauty.

The children suggested that they draw a picture of the lovely flowers. They discussed the colour and the different shapes of the petals, the scent of the flowers and the various sizes of the flower heads.

The children created some fantastic drawings.

Lewis mentioned the rose; he thought it was really nice.


Running track and recycling truck

Today the children decided to go for a run around the track at Williamwood High School. The children raced around twice.  Chloe mentioned that Anita was last because she was taking the photographs.

On the way back to the family centre Kaile noticed a huge recycling truck. He was so excited. Trucks are one of his most liked things.

Kaile said, “it’s a big noise it goes clunk when the man puts the big box in the lorry and press the button, then it goes clunk”

When the children returned to the family centre Kaile and Amelia decided to draw some pictures of trucks.











The Enormous Crocodile

The children have been using a variety of pens, pencils, crayons and oil pastels to recreate pictures of their favourite characters from the story “The Enormous Crocodile”

Rowan said, “I like roses in the bush. I drew it really, really well.  I like the nice feathers on the bird.”

Amelia said, “I’m looking at Orla’s picture. I like Humpy Rumpy smashing into the enormous crocodile.”







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