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Outdoor Play

Today the children explored outdoors. Some decided to continue to look for bugs as they did yesterday; they looked under the white rocks for wiggly worms. Lewis was happy to hold the worms while others looked on and said that he was very brave.

Lewis said; “it feels wiggly.”

Others decided to explore the whole garden and joined in water play. The water travelled down the grooves in the wood and poured off. Matthew decided to add another piece of wood that would allow the water to travel even further. He put a bucket at the end to collect the water. Matthew then poured the bucket of water into the muddy puddle.

Ben used decking boards to make bridges and then he practiced his balancing skills while Matthew used bits and pieces to play jack in the box…great fun.

Bugs, tree stumps and leaves

Today Dominic while exploring the microscope decided to go looking for bugs. He looked under all the tree stumps. Kaile, Evelyn, Magnus and Abigail decided to join in the search. The children looked high and low and managed to find two spider webs and two spiders!

The children also found some holes on the leaves in our vegetable garden…Sami asked the children where they thought the wholes appeared in the leaves. Kaile said; “It’s the caterpillars.”

The children then looked in the compost to see what they could find. Georgia, Abigail and Dominic asked, “Where does compost come from?”

Kaile said “compost comes from rubbish and food.” The children then researched how to make compost by using the computer.

Autumn treasure

The weather was great today for an autumn walk.

We decided to go for a walk to our forest school space to see the treasures that autumn shares.

The leaves had fallen from the trees and had made a noisy carpet on the ground. We decided to try to find as many different leafs as we could. They were all different sizes, colours and shapes. We also found some mushrooms, berries and a stick that looked as if it were covered with glitter.

We also found a tree that had fallen down. We tried to limbo under it. We had lots of laughs, it was great fun.

Harry and Connor thought we might find a bear; but we didn’t.


















Changes outdoors

The children decided to change their outdoor learning space.  They wanted to have a jungle outside. In the small world pits they put some animals, greenery and rocks for the animals to explore.

Other children wanted to make a fairy garden and decided to make fairy wands with lots of sparkles.

The children talked about rainbows and asked Zoe to make a rainbow. The children talked about the colours and became creative with one of our pallets. They made a rainbow singing pallet.

We also now have a number station and an exploration space with lots of items to help us explore our outdoor area.img_07381





Bug Hunts and Leaf Prints

We’re going on a bug hunt; we’re going to catch a slimy one!

Today the children decided to explore the family centre garden. They took time to investigate all around the areas where mini beasts might live. The children found ants, a ladybird, one or two snails, and a slug.  The children shared that snails live in shells and slugs don’t, they live in the mud and grass.

Other’s wished to collect some leaves and make prints. The children talked about the lines on the leaves, the various shapes and the different sizes.










DSC04448  DSC04451







DSC04441  DSC04439


A Visit to the Pet Shop


We had a lovely walk to Clarkston to visit the Pet Shop and Vets We visited the pet shop to see the animals there. On our visit the children were able to name the Parrot and hear it talk. When we were in the shop the Shop Keeper showed us all the different foods that nimals need to stay healthy and nurtured. We were able to see that animals have different living environments and needs.  We saw fish, birds, bearded dragons, rabbits, and locusts.

 We saw baby bunnies and budgies which looked like our easter chicks. 

We also watched a dog at the groomers getting his coat taken off for spring time. ‘He is pretty.’ We talked about taking off our heavy coats as it is warmer now. The man in the pet shop allowed us to scan items in the shop to explore how a cash register works. We bought a little bird feeder for our bird box outside.

 What a lovely visit! We will definitely be back.


We’re going on a bug hunt

This afternoon the children asked to go on a bug hunt to find bugs for the bug hotel. They lifted up some logs that were sitting on the dirt and dug the soil a little. They managed to find slugs, slug eggs, a millipede, a spider, a beetle and worms. The children picked them up gently and placed them into our magnifying containers to have a closer look. After they had a look they placed them into the bug hotel.  “The bug hotel will keep them safe” said Joseph. Hallie said  “The slug feels slimey” .