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Our Daffodil Tea

Today we hosted a Daffodil Tea for the children and residents of Bonnyton House.  Everyone in the centre was so excited as this was the first time that our friends in Bonnyton House had visited us.

We had some crafts for the children and adults to try out.  There was a lot to learn about sewing from one of the adults as she helped one of the children to sew.

There were lovely conversations between the children and adults as they helped each other.

The children sang two songs “Little Peter Rabbit and “Pop a Little Pancake” and then everyone had tea and cake.

We are looking forward to our next get together at Bonnyton House  when we will play games together.

Preparing for Daffodil tea!

As part of our intergenerational programme, we have some visitors coming next week from Bonnyton house to join us for some tea and crafts.

The children have been creating some of their own decorations to brighten up our family room for our special tea that we are having.

The children have been looking at vases of daffodils and using pencils to draw their own. They then re visited their pictures and added in some colour. This afternoon we selected some green and yellow materials to create collage daffodils!

”The stem of the flower is green”
”The petals of the flower are yellow”
”I’m going to make two so i can take one home”
”Daffodils don’t have any leaves”


Christmas at Bonnyton House

This morning some of our boys and girls visited the ladies and gentlemen of Bonnyton House.  The children enthusiastically sang a variety of their Christmas songs and the ladies and gentlemen even sang a rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas back to us!

After our singing we had a chat with the ladies and gentlemen about what we thought Santa would be bringing us this year.

We then all sat down to enjoy some juice and crisps as singing is thirsty work! We had a lovely morning making some new friends and thanks to the residents of Bonnyton House for having us!

We are looking forward to welcoming them for a visit to Cart Mill in January for some Scottish singing and celebrations.