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Changes outdoors

The children decided to change their outdoor learning space.  They wanted to have a jungle outside. In the small world pits they put some animals, greenery and rocks for the animals to explore.

Other children wanted to make a fairy garden and decided to make fairy wands with lots of sparkles.

The children talked about rainbows and asked Zoe to make a rainbow. The children talked about the colours and became creative with one of our pallets. They made a rainbow singing pallet.

We also now have a number station and an exploration space with lots of items to help us explore our outdoor area.img_07381





The Enormous Crocodile

The children have been using a variety of pens, pencils, crayons and oil pastels to recreate pictures of their favourite characters from the story “The Enormous Crocodile”

Rowan said, “I like roses in the bush. I drew it really, really well.  I like the nice feathers on the bird.”

Amelia said, “I’m looking at Orla’s picture. I like Humpy Rumpy smashing into the enormous crocodile.”







dsc05417 dsc05415

Big Fit Walk on the Longest Day

And we're off!
And we’re off!

Today was our Big Fit Walk. We set off while the sun was shining this morning.There were a few showers along the way, but we just put our hoods up and we were quite happy to be out walking in the fresh air.

When we got to the park, we couldn’t believe it ! As if by magic a picnic had appeared under the big tree. We were glad to have a rest and have our snack.

Tea/Coffee and snack at the halfway point.
Tea/Coffee and snack at the halfway point.




Then we had time for a play!



DSC00551Big Fit Walk Invite

We think the day was a huge success. As we were walking, we were playing I Spy, singing songs, counting cars, practicing road safety, looking at plants and flowers and listening to birds. We even saw a squirrel! There was lots of chatting to our friends. We loved having family and friends to join us.  What a great day!

A Visit to the Pet Shop


We had a lovely walk to Clarkston to visit the Pet Shop and Vets We visited the pet shop to see the animals there. On our visit the children were able to name the Parrot and hear it talk. When we were in the shop the Shop Keeper showed us all the different foods that nimals need to stay healthy and nurtured. We were able to see that animals have different living environments and needs.  We saw fish, birds, bearded dragons, rabbits, and locusts.

 We saw baby bunnies and budgies which looked like our easter chicks. 

We also watched a dog at the groomers getting his coat taken off for spring time. ‘He is pretty.’ We talked about taking off our heavy coats as it is warmer now. The man in the pet shop allowed us to scan items in the shop to explore how a cash register works. We bought a little bird feeder for our bird box outside.

 What a lovely visit! We will definitely be back.